The Offer Advantage Real Estate Funding Program

For agents who have always had a passion for investing in real estate, we now provide you that opportunity to become an Offer Advantage Representative. By becoming an Offer Advantage Representative, you now serve as the investor buyer available to all agents in your office.

Offer Advantage provides a training program where we will train you on acquiring properties, construction management and selling homes. We then provide funds to invest with each Representative to purchase, renovate, and resell homes in their area. Each Representative is provided with an Acquisitions Manager, Construction Manager, and Account Manager, $500,000 of operating capital to begin investing, and an experienced support team available every step of the way. They are also provided with tools such as a textbook, toolbox and marketing materials to ensure their success.

Become a Partner

Representatives become partners with Offer Advantage and act as a member of the team. Becoming an Offer Advantage Representative is an opportunity to have your own Real Estate Investing Firm in which you have a shared ownership with the Offer Advantage Team.

We Handle Your Billing

As you learn to Project Manage at the highest level from our team, Offer Advantage also handles all the back office support and billing. That’s right, through the entire renovation all back office tasks, utilities, insurance, taxes and payments to contractors are handled right from our office. This allows the Representatives to have the time to remain focused on your office presentations, viewing and making offers on properties and managing the construction process of each project.

As a real estate agent, becoming an Offer Advantage Representative serves as a compliment to your current position and abilities. Representatives are required to maintain their license, which means Offer Advantage Representatives can source their own leads, and earn their own commissions from those leads. We as Offer Advantage do not reduce commissions for leads sourced organically.

Build Your Portfolio

Another benefit to Offer Advantage is having the opportunity to create your own real estate investment portfolio from your own projects! Representatives can also repurchase our projects for their own investment portfolio, such as multi-unit properties, creating wealth for you and your future generations.

Interested in becoming a representative?