Our Team
William T. Severyn
Mr. William Severyn is head of investment funding for Offer Advantage Corporate. Mr. Severyn focuses on utilizing private and commercial funding to ensure that the capital needs of our Representatives are met and appropriately managed.
William can be reached at Will@offeradvantage.co
Alex W. Severyn
Acquisitions Manager
Mr. Alex Severyn is the Acquisition Consultant for Offer Advantage. Mr. Severyn has negotiated over 200 real estate transactions and assists in sourcing leads and analyzing potential projects for all Offer Advantage Representatives. All potential projects are reviewed and approved by Mr. Severyn.
Alex can be reached at Alex@offeradvantage.co
Charles Mendolera
Construction Consultant
Mr. Charles Mendolera is the construction specialist at Offer Advantage. Mr. Mendolera has managed over 110 different real state renovations ranging from single family homes to large commercial historic renovations. Mr. Mendolera assists in creating project budgets, hiring contractors, and solving construction emergencies.
Charles can be reached at Charles@offeradvantage.co