Rent Today, Own Tomorrow!
Offer Advantage, providing the first step to home ownership!

Offer Advantage is proud to offer a unique owner financing option on a few of our latest projects. Offer Advantage is the leader in professional home restoration with hundreds of homes completed throughout Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Cleveland. Our Rent Today, Own Tomorrow Program provides the first step towards home ownership by providing professionally renovated homes to buyers interested in experiencing our homes before the commitment of home ownership. No down payment is necessary!

How Does your Financing Work?

We offer a rent to own lease agreement, therefore our clients rent our homes with the ability to purchase them at a later date in time without having to qualify at a bank today. Each month, 10% of your monthly rent will be saved for you, and allocated as a purchase credit at the end of your lease term. Therefore, you will have the exclusive right to purchase the home after your lease term for less than market value and without market competition.

How Does your Lease Option Plan Work?

We are obligated to sell to you, but you are not obligated to buy. After your lease term, if you would no longer like to purchase the home, Offer Advantage will extend your lease after calculating an updated market rate rent.

How can I buy a home when I have bad credit?

You cannot through conventional lenders, but you can with our help. Through our Rent Today, Own Tomorrow Program, we can help you improve your credit over time. We are not extremely interested in your past credit status. Your ability to make reasonable monthly payments and your desire to be a homeowner are important to us. We work with a variety of mortgage brokers and banks who will help arrange a loan for you. It is absolutely critical that you pay your rent on time every month in order to get approved for a mortgage.

I love this home, what is the next step?

All we need is your application! We will then contact you within 24 hours once we verify your income and employment. Once approved and the deposit is submitted, you will be allowed immediate access to the property. No closing costs or drawn out closings are necessary!

Apply today for our Rent Today, Own Tomorrow Program.
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