Providing the first step to home ownership.
Company Mission

Offer Advantage originated in 2013 in Buffalo New York, and was founded by the real estate group, Ambitious Enterprises Inc. Ambitious Enterprises was Western New York’s most accredited real estate investment firm with a strong focus on purchasing, renovating, and reselling single family homes throughout Erie County.

At first, the Offer Advantage Program was created as a marketing strategy for Ambitious Enterprises to help real estate agents with distressed properties or unwanted listings. This achieved two things, it helped agents monetize even the most difficult listings, and provided a steady stream of potential projects for Ambitious Enterprises.

After its launch in 2013, an overwhelming number of real estate agents were using the program to receive cash offers on their listed properties and the program was in need of expansion. In order to handle the large number of rehabilitation projects, Offer Advantage expanded to include partnering with licensed real estate agents who had always wanted to learn how to actively invest in real estate. Therefore, the Offer Advantage Training Program and Representation role was created to help real estate agents learn how to purchase, renovate and resell houses with the proven methods utilized by Ambitious Enterprises Inc.

With our Representatives, Offer Advantage has successfully renovated and sold over 200 single family homes throughout Buffalo, Rochester and Cleveland.

As the price of housing continues to rise, a large percentage of the population can no longer afford home ownership, Offer Advantage was determined to create a new way to bridge the gap between renters and home owners. Through our Rent Today, Own Tomorrow Program, Offer advantage creates the first step to home ownership by allowing our tenants to earn ownership of our homes over time. Each month 10% of each monthly rental payment goes towards the pre-determined purchase price of the home. Their are no deposits necessary, no pre-payment penalties and no aggressive appreciation schedules.


Rent Today, Own Tomorrow Program

The Offer Advantage, Rent Today, Own Tomorrow Program was created to assist in the transition from renting to home ownership. As the price of housing continues to rise, Offer Advantage wanted to provide a new way for future generations to become home owners. Since it’s creation, the Rent Today, Own Tomorrow Program has assisted over 50 tenants become home owners.


Bring the Offer Advantage Program to your City

Offer Advantage is currently looking to expand with you or your brokerage. If you are a broker owner interested in bringing this program to your office, or a real estate agent who would like to become a Representative please contact us. We are continuing to grow and have additional capital to expand. As Offer Advantage, we have the abilities to conduct business throughout the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.