Representative Application
  • Offer Advantage requires at least 2 years of active real estate experience.

    Number of years’ experience in current market: (Cleveland)
  • Offer Advantage is not exclusive to any one real estate brokerage but currently works with Keller Williams and Hunt Real Estate.

    During your time as a real estate agent, how many brokerages have you worked with and what brokerages were they?
  • Offer Advantage requires that every Representative holds a valid Real Estate License.

    Real Estate license expiration date:
  • Annual Sales for the past 2 years:

  • 2017:
  • Offer Advantage requires Representatives to make presentations at office sales meetings in order to source investment opportunities. Presentations will be a large part of lead generation for you as a Representative, as well as attending broker sponsored events as an advocate for the Offer Advantage Program.

    Would you consider yourself a good public speaker and presenter? If not, why? Is so, why?
  • Offer Advantage encourages that purchase contracts and offers be presented in person whenever possible. This has proved to be a successful approach when negotiating the purchase of a potential project, and will be expected of you as a Representative.

    Over the past year, how many offers have you presented in person on behalf of your client?
  • Of those presented offers, how many were successful?
  • As an Offer Advantage Representative, you will be involved in a number of transactions with a variety of different clients. Both on the purchase and acquisition of real estate and also the sale of each project.

    Describe your worst real estate related dilemma (Ex. A contract falling apart at the final walk through) and how you handled the situation.
  • What is your favorite aspect of the real estate business and why?
  • What is your least favorite aspect of the real estate business and why?
  • As an Offer Advantage Representative, you will be managing the construction of our renovations and will be taught the proper ways of renovating residential properties in your area. You will have plenty of assistance from the Offer Advantage Team, but construction management will be one of your greatest responsibilities.

    Have you ever managed a construction project? If so, what was the scope of work?
  • Offer Advantage will provide education on how to properly source credible contractors and tradesman.

    Do you currently, or have you ever worked with a contractor? If so, what kind of contractor were they?
  • Offer Advantage will assist in the design of each property that we invest in with you as a Representative but will rely on your market knowledge to design homes for your specific area.

    Do you now, or have you ever had an interest in designing residential spaces? (Ex. Architectural, interior, graphic, landscape, engineering experience)
  • Offer Advantage understands that real estate agents often spend time on other real estate related endeavors such as home building, real estate development, rental property management, rental property ownership, home inspectors, appraisals, mortgage underwriter, home staging, interior design, photography, contractor, or tradesman.

    Do you now, or have you ever worked in a different real estate related enterprise? If so, what was it and for how long did you hold this position?
  • Offer Advantage takes a true partnership approach with every Representative we approve. We will be in constant contact and communication is very important in our business model. So working together effectively and efficiently will be necessary.

    Are you currently a full time agent? If so, how long have you held full time agent status?
  • If you are not a full time real estate agent, what is your other current occupation and what amount of time is required of you per week to fulfill your requirements for your other employer?
  • Offer Advantage utilizes Google Drive as the main source of data collection and document sharing. Each Representative will have their own online account that will store all of their corporate information, project budgets, and investment proposals.

    Do you now, or have you ever used Google Drive?
  • Do foresee an issue with using Google Drive and other Google Applications?
  • Offer Advantage does not require a lump sum investment to begin as a Representative, but we will require a payment of six hundred seventy dollars ($670.00) per month during your involvement as a Representative. Monthly fees will be charged on a credit card at the first of every month.

    What do you currently invest each month on your real estate business? And what is this expense for? (Ex. marketing, Zillow adds, direct mail, investment coaching, real estate mentorship)
  • If approved to become an Offer Advantage Representative, a credit score of at least 670 will be required in order to receive financing of at least $500,000 to purchase and renovate residential properties.

    Please provide the following information so that a credit report can be performed.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Offer Advantage Team and we will contact you promptly. Thank you for considering Offer Advantage as a real estate partnership opportunity.
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